Sports & Youth Services
The Department of Sports & youth Services, Mizoram was established on 8th December, 1986 in full-fledged Department with the sole purpose of promoting Sports & Youth activities i.e. Adventure Sports, Scouts & guides, National Cadet Corp., Nehru Yuva Kendras and National Services Scheme amongst the youths in Mizoram Promotion of Sports includes provision/construction of much needed Sports infrastructural facilities like Indoor Stadia, Open Stadia, Playground etc.,.
In spite of limited number of Officers and Ministerial Staff and as well as availability of Coaches and other Field Staff of the Department, the Department within a short span of 14 years, achieved a commendable record. The name of Mizoram had been brought to the notice of the Sports lovers not only at the National Level but also at the International Level. With a limited allocation of fund, the Department performed to the best of its ability in producing World Class Boxer and World Class Archer Wushu players and Sepaktakraw players. More International players are coming up in the discipline of Hockey. Recently 8 Mizo Hockey (boys) players were selected to have tour to Countries of Europe besides amongst the women team there is a tremendous development in women hockey two girls are already inducted in Indian women team.

The Department excelled in the activities of Adventure Sports by sending all Mizo Mountaineers by conquering Mt. Abigamin-II which is technically difficult to climb where most International Climbers failed to conquer. All the Rivers in Mizoram are surveyed by using Rubber Dinghy and Caves are explored. We are the only Civilian having practices and trained Para-Sailing for the first time in India.
In North Eastern State of the Country, Mizoram became No. 2 in the promotion and Development of Sports next to Manipur.

Though there is a long way to go, however, with the limited infrastructures and more goals. To extend the activities of the Department, a District Office at Lunglei was established on 15.12.1989. In order to find out the hidden talents of youths from various corners of Mizoram, Kolasib District Office and Champhai District Have been opened recently which were inaugurated in 27.04.2000 and 18.04.2000 respectively by deputing Youth Welfare Officer and Chief Coach to act as District Sports & Youth Officer.

The Department of Sports & Youth Services is one of the important factors for whipping out the juvenile delinquencies which involved sex abuse, drug abuse and other unwanted elements especially in the State of Mizoram.

(A)    DIRECTORATE : Directorate is the Main Office of the Department of Sports & Youth Services, Mizoram which is headed by Director as Head of Departments delegated by the Government under S.R.2(10) and functioning from 8.12.1986. The existing post strength of the Directorate is as below :

Sl.  Name of Post  
1.   Director            1
2.   Joint Director    1
3.   Dy. Director       3
4.   Chief Coach    2
5.   Superintendent    1
6.   Coach Gr-I        2
7.   State Orgnsr(S&G)    2
8.   Coach Gr-II    5
9.   Assistant        5
10.  U.D.C.        5
11.  Data Entry Operator1
12.  L.D.C.        7
13.  Coach Gr-III    2
14.  Organiser(S&G)    4
15.  Asst.Organiser(S&G)2
16.  Adventure Organiser2
17.  Asst.Adv.Organiser    1
18.  Steno-III        1
19.  Yoga Instructor    2
20.  Driver        1
21.  IV Grade        5

(B)    DIRECTORATE : 20 Independent Company, NCC is in existence since 1964 during the erstwhile Mizo District. The Commanding Officer, NCC is deputed by NCC Directorate, Delhi through the NER Centre, Shillong. 1(one) Jr. Commission Officer and 5 (five) Non-Commission Officers are attached to this Company by the Headquarter. They have their own separate Budget funded by the Government of India through NCC. New Delhi in terms of Uniform, Equipments, Arms and Ammunitions. Other required fund for Establishment and maintenance of NCC Office, etc. are under the Budget of Sports & Youth Services Department, Mizoram. The Department of Sports & Youth Services, Mizoram is the nodal Department/Agency. The civilian staff have been posted from the Mizoram State Govt., and manned by Head Assistant-1, UDC-3, LDC-1 and IV Grade-6 in this Office.

The existing post strength is as under :-

Sl.    Name of Post     
1.    Commanding Officer    1
2.    J.C.O.            1
3.    N.C.O.            5
4.    H.A.            1
5.    U.D.C.            3
6.    L.D.C.            1
7.    Driver             1
6.    IV Grade        6

NCC-1 Mizo Batallion : On 4.8.2003 NCC

I Mizo Battallion was created by the NCC Directorate-NER to look after the activities of NCC. One Colonel was posted by the Directorate and the Civilian Staff i.e. Head Assistant, UDC, LDC, Peon, Chowkidar, Driver were sanctioned by the Govt. of Mizoram. The present Strength of Staff are :-

1.    Head Assistant    1 (Deputation)
2.    LDC        1 (Deputation)
3.    Storekeeper (MR)1
4.    Laskar (MR)    3
5.    IV Grade (MR)    3
6.    Driver (MR)    1

With the establishment of NCC Battallion, Mizoram is representing North East NCC in the Subroto Football Championship held at New Delhi for the last three years. In the year 2007, Mizoram NCC also won Subroto Championship trophy.

(C)    DISTRICT SPORTS & YOUTH OFFICES : District Sports & Youth Offices headed by the District Sports & youth Officer

(DSYO) is functioning from 15.12.1989 under the direction and control of the Director of Sports & Youth Services in 3(three)

Districts viz: Lunglei, Kolasib and Champhai. DSYO’s Office, Lunglei is the only full fledged Head of Office under

Scheduled-III of DFP amongst DSYO’s Office.

(1)    District  Sports & Youth Office, Lunglei : This Office is established and functioned since 15.12.1989 and looks after

3(three) Districts namely Lunglei, Lawngtlai and Saiha.

The Post strength of this Office is as under :
Sl.     Name of Post    Post
1.    Dist.S&Y Officer1
2.    Head Assistant    1
3.    Coach Gr-II    1
4.    Coach Gr-III    1
5.    L.D.C.        1
6.    Driver Gr-III    1
7.    Sports Helper    1
8.    IV Grade    2

(2)    District  Sports & Youth Office, Kolasib : It was inaugurated and functioned since 27.4.2000 and now headed by Chief

Coach. The ministerial staff and IV Grade Sl. No. 2-4 mentioned below have not been posted to this office till date due to

shortage of staff and ban on filling up of post and financial constraint. The post strength of this Office is as under :-
Sl.    Name of Post    Post
1.    Chief Coach    1
2.    L.D.C. (MR)    1
3.    IV Grade (MR)    1
4.    Chowkidar    1

(a)    Football Academy, Kolasib (Saidan) :  To improve the standard of Football in Mizoram and to implement the Government

policy ‘Catch Them Young’ the Department have established Football Academy at Saidan Kolasib with effect from February 2009

with only Twenty boys of below 14 years of age. These boys are being looked after and trained by NIS qualified Football


(3)    District Sports & Youth Office, Champhai :- Although the Government created this District Office, post for this

Office have not been created. Youth Welfare Officer looks after this District office and no other ministerial staff and field

staff have been posted due to shortage of staff and financial constraint.

Sl.     Name of Post        Post
1.    Youth Welfare Officer    1
2.    L.D.C. (MR)        1
3.    IV Grade (MR)        2

(D)    MIZORAM STATE SPORTS COUNCIL : The Mizoram State Sports Council is designed as an autonomous body having its own

establishment under the Presidency of the Sports Minister. The Sports Directorate is a nodal Department/agency for this

Sports Council activities. Construction of Indoor stadium, Playground, giving assistance to State Level Tournaments and

Championship are the main activities of the Sports Council.

The Mizoram State Sports Council consist of the following Office Bearers and Council members :-

One President        -    Minister i/c Sports.
One Vice-President    -    Elected
One Secretary        -    Nominated by the Govt.
One Joint Secretary    -    Elected
One Finance Secretary    -    Nominated by the Govt.
Seven Members from recognized Associations.

The following post have been created by the Council and appointed employees against such post created to maintain the Council

Office regularly and for the execution of the Project works etc as per norms and regulations of the Council and Government

from time to time :-

(1)    Senior Administrative Officer        -    1
(2)    Senior Sports Promotion Officer        -    1
(3)    Assistant Engineer            -    1
(4)    Junior Engineer                -    2
(5)    Accounts Officer            -    1
(6)    Asstt / Accountant            -    2
(7)    Electrician                -    1
(8)    JCB Operator                -    2
(9)    Coach-III                -    5
(10)    Mechanic                -    1
(11)    Sectional Assistant            -    1
(12)    Despatch Rider                -    1
(13)    Field Assistant                -    6    
(14)    LDC                    -    8
(15)    Driver                    -    6
(16)    Handyman                -    2
(17)    IV Grade                -    9
                TOTAL        -    50

(A)    MIZORAM  YOUTH COMMISSION : The Mizoram Youth Commission is established on October 2008 as one wing under the

Department of Sports & Youth Services. The main objective is to guide and show the way for educated youth etc. for their

future carrier. They had introduced coaching class for appearing in UPSC examination recently.

The present strength of the post of the Youth Commission is as below :-
1)    Secretary        -    1
2)    Under Secretary        -    1
3)    UDC            -    1
4)    LDC            -    2
5)    Despatch Rider        -    1
6)    Driver            -    2
7)    Peon/Chowkidar        -    3
        TOTAL        -    11


    The Sports & Youth Services Department as the name implies, looks after promotion of Sports and nurturing of the

potential of youth in general. Under the Department, we have the following cells :-
a)    Sports & Games
b)    Youth Adventure Programme
c)    Scouts & Guides
d)    National Service Scheme
e)    National Cadet Corps.

1.    Sports & Coaching Cell : This functioned in separate cell within the Directorate and looks after all the Sports &

Games and Coaching matters headed by the Chief Coach supported by :-
a)    Football Coach            -    3
b)    Athletics Coach            -    1
c)    Boxing                -    1
d)    Volleyball            -    3
e)    Table Tennis Coach        -    1
f)    Weightlifting Coach        -    1
g)    Hockey                -    3
The aforesaid above is based on the following National Programmes i.e
1)    Nehru Hockey Tournament
    (Senior / Junior / Sub-Junior)
2)    Subroto Mukherjee Football Tournament
    (Junior, Sub-Junior)
3)    National Women Sports Festival
4)    All India Rural Sports / All India Inter School Sports internal caching programmes and Tournaments organized from

time to time by the Department, the Services of these coaches are utilized.

To  strengthen the existing Coaching Cell, trainees were deputed to Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports (NS,NIS),

Patiala and NS, NIS Salt Lake, Calcutta respectively. Subject to requirements, these coaches are deputed to Associations at

State Level and even to interior places.

2)    Youth Adventure Programmes : Youth Adventure Programme cell is headed by the Adventure Organiser and he is supported

by 3 Assistant Adventure Organizers.
    These programmes deal with all the adventure sports such as :-
(a) Rock Climbing     (b) Caving (c) River Rafting (d) Mountaineering (e) Para Sailing (f) Cycling (g) Trekking.

To qualify for Organiser, one has to undergo a series of training in and outside Mizoram as follows :
Inside Mizoram:
(i)    Adventure Courses for Boys & Girls,    duration – 21 days, normally organized during October- April
(ii)    Watermanships Courses.             Duration – 15 days, organized during September – October
(iii)    Para Sailing Course.             Duration-15 days, organized during September – December.
(iv)    Long Distance Cycling Competition     organized during February-April
(v)    White Water Rafting.             Organized during February-April
(vi)    Rotation Trekking.             Organized during December – April

Outside Mizoram : Physically having interest in Adventure Sports are normally dputed to attend the following course at Nehru

Institute of Mountaineering Utter Kashi (Uttar Pradesh) and Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling, West Bengal for a

period of 30 days during March-December of  calendar year in the following course :-
a)    Basic Mountaineering Course
b)    Advance Mountaineering Course
c)    Search and Rescue Course
d)    Method of Instruction Course

Besides these Courses, the young adventure selected to represent State in the following adventure programmes organized from

time to time:-
a)    Adventure Festival at Chandigarh during February- March
b)    NE Sports Climbing Competition at Imphal during October- May
c)    National Sports Climbing Competition at New Delhi during November- December.

All the major Rivers of Mizoram – Tlawng River, Khawthlang Tuipui River, Khawchhak Tuipui River are all covered under the

programme. White Water Rafting Expedition and all the known Cave within Mizoram are also explored a nd all the top five Hills

of Mizoram – Phawngpui, Lengteng, Sur, Reiek, Tawi are explored. Para-Sailing is introduced in Mizoram and we are the first

civilian organization introducing this Adventure Sports in the Country. Regular programmes are organized at Tuirial Airfield

near Aizawl City.

3    Scouts & Guides : The Scouts & Guides is another youth programmes established in line with National Headquarters, New

Delhi. The Cell is head by Youth Welfare Officer. The State Associations and establishment of Scouts and Guides under the

Department was initiated in 1972. There are many programs within and outside the State. The Scouts & Guides are broadly

divided into the following:-
a)    Cub & Bulbul under 12 Years
b)    Scouts & Guides under 17 years
c)     Rovers & Rangers above 17 years of age.

There is a State Level Association for Bharat Scouts & Guides. The different programmes
organized by the Scouts & Guides are as follows:-
Inside Mizoram
Adult Programme
1)    Basic Course for Scoutmasters & Guiders    
2)    Advanced Course for Scouters & Guiders
3)    Himalayan Wood Badge Course for Scouters & Guiders
4)    Refresher Course for Scouters & Guiders

Boys/Girls Programme
1)    Dwitiya Sopan Trainig Camp for Scouts & Guides
2)    Tritiya Sopan Training Camp for Scouts& Guides
3)    Rajya Puraskar Training Camp for Scouts & guides
4)    Proficiencies Training for Scouts & Guides
5)    District Scouts & Guides Rally
6)    State Scouts & Guides  Rally
7)    Cub & Bulbul Utsav
8)    Pack/Folk  Holiday/Expedition
9)    Hiking/Trekking /Expdition
10)    Observation of Important Days / Note
(1)    Outside Mizoram
a)    Rashtrapati Scouts & Guides Testing Camp
b)    Rashtrapati Scouts & Guides Rally
c)    National Jamboree
d)    Standard Judging Camp for Scouts & Guides
e)    Pre-Assistant Leader Trainer for Adult Leaders
f)    Assistant Leader Trainer Course for Pre-ALT
g)    Leader Trainer Course for Adult Leaders

4    National Service Scheme (NSS) : This programme is a Centrally  Sponsered Scheme (CSS) conducted amongst going youth.

In almost all the recognized and affiliated collages within Mizoram, this programme is organized. We have Programme Officer

to look after the NSS Programe. Construction of Way-Side Shed for traveler, Toilet & Public Utility from the funds received

from State and Central Government are the main concerned. There is one Liaision Officer(appointed on rotation from the

Programme Officers of the College supported by UDC-cum-Accountant-1 No., LDC-1 no., Peon-1no. Driver -1 No. The following are

the main activities in Rural and Urban Slum Areas. :-
1)    Construction of Public Waiting Shed
2)    Construction of Mini Market Shed
3)    Construction of Steps
4)    Construction of Pavilion at various Play grounds
5)    Construction of Basketball Courts    
6)    Construction of Public Water Points

Other Activities :-

1)    Drug Awareness Campaign
2)    AIDS Awareness Campaign
3)    Health Clinic Programmes
4)    Cleanliness Drive
5)    Relief Works in Hospitals / Orphanage home
6)    Relief Works for the National Calamities

5    NATIONAL CADET CORP (NCC) : Organised Annual Combined Camping, Riffle Shooting, Traffic Control etc., within the

State and they participated in the Pre-Republic Day Camps organized by the National Headquarters. In Mizoram, we have 2(two)

Senior Division NCC and 11 (eleven) Junior Division NCC.
    20 Mizoram Indep Coy. Is the only NCC Unit in the State which has been more than successful in carrying out the

Institutional Training thereby helping the young one of Mizoram to become useful and responsible citizens of our great

nation. The response from the NCC Cadets as well as from the heads of the Institutions has been overwhelming.

    Besides systematically carrying out the routine NCC training, the NCC Unit can boost of the achievements wherein the

NCC Cadets of Mizoram excelled and performed exceedingly well in NCC within North Eastern Region as also in at National


    The following are the main activities :

1)    Basic Leadership Camp at Delhi
2)    Republic Day Camp at Delhi
3)    Independence Day Parade
4)    Republic Day Parade
5)    Mountaineering
6)    Trekking
7)    Army Attachment – Boys Cadets
8)    Hospital Attachment – Girls Cadets
9)    NCC ‘A’  ‘B ‘ ‘C’ Certificates Courses

6.    Youth Hostel Association of India (YHAI) : Sports & Youth Services is the nodal agency of YHAI, and its Hostel is

allocated at Luangmual, Aizawl. All the Hostel Buildings and its running of the Hostel and maintenance are under the

Department of Sports & Youth Services, Mizoram. It is now proposed to construct Youth Hostel at Kolasib for which site

selection has been completed. Youth Programme under YHAI is conducted inside and outside the State of Mizoram, and the

required fund has always been provided by the Central / State Government.

III.    INFRASTRUCTURE : To impart training in Sports, the Sports Council, with the assistance of Government and State Plan,

constructed Indoor & Outdoor Stadia throughout the State. The following are the completed Stadia :-

1.    Completed Indoor Stadiums :

1.    Kulikawn
2.    Mission Veng
3.    Venghlui
4.    Saron VEng
5.    Mc Donald Hill
6.    Ramhlun
7.    Ramthar
8.    Rahsi Veng, Lunglei
9.    Serkawn, Lunglei
10.    Kawrthah
11.    Lungdai
12.    Khawzawl Judo Hall
13.    Sesawng
14.    Mamit
15.    Chanmari ‘W’
16.    S. Hlimen
17.    Lengpui
18.    Chaltlang

2.    Completed Playgrounds:

1.    Armed Veng P/G
2.    A.R. Ground
3.    Biate P/G
4.    Champhai Chhangphut P/G
5.    Diakkawn, Kolasib P/G
6.    Durtlang Open Stadium
7.    E. Lungdar P/G
8.    Ngopa P/G
9.    Khawzawl P/G
10.    Kawrthah P/G
11.    Tlangnuam P/G
12.    Republic P/G
13.    Vaivakawn P/G
14.    S.D.S.C. Dhobi Mual (LL)
15.    Mamit P/G
16.    Saitual P/G
17.    Sialsuk P/G
18.    Serchhip P/G
19.    Thenzawl P/G
20.    Vairengte P/G
21.    Zotlang P/G, Champhai
22.    Zawlnuam P/G
3.    Completed Volleyball Courts:
1.    Muallungthu
2.    Hmunpui
3.    Kolasib
4.    Mission Vengthlang
4.    Basketball Courts:
1.    Zohnuai, Lunglei
2.    Chawlhhmun, AIzawl
3.    Champhai H/S
4.    Champhai
5.    Lawn Tennis Court:
1.    Tennis Court at Biate
2.    Tennis Court at Kulikawn

IV.    OFFICE BUILDINGS AND LOCATIONS: Sports & Youth Services Department has no separate Directorate building and is in

rented building by hiring private building at Khatla Bazar, Aizawl. Very recently, the Government has allotted good site for

Directorate building within the New Secretariat Complex near New Raj Bhawan in Assam Riffle area at Khatla, Aizawl.

The Department is having only District Sports & youth Office building at Lunglei which is Assam Type building constructed

recently and opened on 23.4.2002. The District Sports & Youth Office at Kolasib and Champhai are in rented buildings.

V.    TRAINING FACILITIES: Sports & Youth Services Department, Mizoram has good facilities and frequently conducted various

Course of Bharat Scouts & Guides; Adventure Sports; Sports Coaching etc. in our Sports Centres and different Training Centes

in Mizoram and also b sending outside the State. The Training facilities owned by our Department are as follows:-

1.    STATE TRAINING CENTRE AT TANHRIL: The Department of Sports & Youth Services, Mizoram is having a good State Training

Centre at Tanhril which is located at the western side of the Aizawl City and constructed good buildings in RCC and provided

with Sports/Adventures i.e. Artificial and Natural Rock Climbing structures etc. training facilities within the area of this

centre. The location is quite suitable, isolated and good approach. This Centre is always utilized by other governments

departments, associations etc., for meeting and training in residential and also non-residential. NCC, Scouts & Guides and

Adventure Training have severally conducted by this Department in this State Training Centre.
2.    BHARAT SCOUTS & GUIDES: The Department is having an ideal place of Training Centre at Tanhril, Aizawl as aforesaid.

The following courses have been conducted regularly during a year:-

State Level:
(a)Training Course for Adults:

(i)Basic Course for Adult        -    10 days
(ii)Advanced Course            -    10 days
(iii)Refresher Course            -      5 days

(b)    Training Course/Events for Boys/Girls:

(i)Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp            -      5 days
(ii)Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp            -      5 days
(iii)Proficiency badge Testing & Training    -      5 days
(iv)Patrol Leaders Training Camp        -      5 days
(v)Cubs/Bulbuls Utsav                -      5 days
(vi)Scouts & Guides Rally            -      5 days
(vii)Rovers/Rangers Meet            -      5 days
(viii)Advancement Training for Cubs & Bulbuls    -      5 days

National Level:

(a)    Himalayan Wood Badge Course        -    10 days
(b)    Re-Orientation Course for Trainers    -      5 days
(c)    Pre-Assistant Leader Trainer Course    -      5 days
(d)    Assistant Leader Trainer Course     -      7 days
(e)    Commissioner’s Course (Basic/Advance)    -      5 days
(f)    Rashtrapati Testing Camp        -      5 days
(g)    Rashtrapati Rally            -      5 days
(h)    National Integration Camp        -      5 days
(i)    Rovers / Rangers Sangam            -      5 days
(j)    National Jamboree            -    (Held after every 4 years)

3.    MULTI-PURPOSE TRAINING CENTRE AT TUIRIAL: Sports & Youth Services Department is having good Multi-Purpose Training

Facilities at Tuirial Airfield near Aizawl City which is handed over to this Department soon after opening Lengpui Airport.

This is ideal for training in Para-Sailing and other driving courses. Not only training for civilian people, but also

Military Personnel always availed the Training of Para-Sailing Course conducted by the Adventure wing of Sports & Youth

Service Department, Mizoram.

4.    NCC TRAINING CAMP: NCC Organized Annual Combined Camping, Riffle Shooting, Traffic Control etc., within the State and

participated in the Pre-Republic Day Camp and different camps organized by the National Headquarter.

(A)    Sports Infrastructures: The achievements on construction of Sports Infrastructures which have completed the Outdoor

Stadium, Indoor Stadium, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis Court etc., may be seen from the aforesaid at Sl. No. III above.

(B)    Sports and Games, Adventure Sports etc.,: In order that talents may be spotted and the respective discipline promoted

in the State, the Mizoram State Sports Council allotted grants for the establishment of 24 Associations. Nurturing of Sports

persons, recognition and encouragement were the motive behind the promotion of Sports.

Out of a good number of Sports achievements made by the Department, only outstanding personalities especially Medalist and

Outstanding officials in the International level and National in the different sports disciplines are mentioned as follows:-

1.    Boxing: Mizoram so far produced outstanding Sports persons especially in Boxing discipline, the personalities are the


1.    Pu Zoramthanga, Boxer claimed National record by winning Bronze Medal in the 6th MRF World Cup held in 1990 in Bombay

and brought Honour for the Nation and also for Mizoram. He represented India more than 7 times in various International

Championship. He has been appointed as Sports Promotion Officer (Boxing) under the Department of Sports & Youth Services

Department, Mizoram.

2.    State Boxing Coach Mr. R. Biakliana, Khatla, Aizawl has led Indian Boxing team as a Coach at Cuba to participate in


Represented India as Tech. Official (L.O.) in South Asian Federation (SAP) Games (Boxing) in 1995 at Madras.

Attended International Olympic Solidarity Course at Patiala in 2000. Attended National Women Boxing Coaching as a National

Coach at Bangalore 2001 during April-May 2001

3.    Boxer Robert Zohmingthang & Suresh Rai of Mizoram participated in the Indo-Sri Lanka Boxing Tournament held at

Colombo where they won Gold & Silver Medals respectively in their first Exposure in the International Event in 1995.

4.    Miss ZJenny Lalremliani, Dinthar, AIzawl won Silver Medal in the 1st Asian Boxing Championship at Bangkok during

August 2001 and represented the Country in the 1st World Women Boxing Tournament at Scranton, Pensylvania, USA with Ms.

Lalbiaksangi during 26th Nov., 2001 to 2nd December 2001 which were under the coach of Boxer R. Biakliana, State Coach,

Khatla, Aizawl.

Jenny R. Lalremliani won Gold Medal in 4th World Women Boxing Championship Gr.II during 17-24 Nov., 2006

5.    Mr. Rosema Colney is another promising Boxer who represented India in Beijing International Boxing Championship,

China in 1997.

He represented India in the Mauritius World Ranking Championship at Mauritius in 1990 and won Gold Medal. He is the only

Medal Winner from Indian Team. He joined Indian Navy as Petty Officer in 1997

6.    Senior Boxer Lalnuntluanga represented India and won Gold Medal in V-YMCA International Boxing Tournament at New

Delhi in 1998

7.    Junior Boxer Robert Zohmingthanga represented India in the V-YMCA International Boxing Championship at New Delhi in

1998 and won Bronze Medal.

8.    Sub-Junior Boxer Lalremsanga represented India and Won Bronze Medal in the V-YMCA International Boxing Championship

at New Delhi in 1998

9.    Junior Boxer Laldinsanga represented India and won Bronze Medal at Brandenburg, Germany in 1998.

10.    Boxer Zothanmawia represented India in II YMCA International Boxing Championship at New Delhi in 1995. He now joined

Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) in 2000.

2.    Archery: Mizo’s are not born archers, however, with the initiative of Sports Authority of India, three boys from E.

Lungdar Village, namely Mr. Lalremsanga, Mr. Lalremliana, Mr.Chalkhuma were spotted. Extensive Coaching were provided in

Delhi & Calcutta and represented India several times.

Mr. Lalremsanga became the 1st Mizo athletic representing the country in Olympic. Shri Lalremsanga was employed in the TATA

Sports Academy, Jamshedpur as Promotion Officer, and now he is appointed as Coach Grade-I in Sports & Youth Services

Department. Presently he is under deputation as Coach of Indian Archery Team for 2010 Commonwealth Games.

3.    Wushu: Martial Arts were known & witness in the movies. This Wushu game was introduced in Mizoram by Mr. Patrick

Hauhnar, who was very keen in this discipline.

With his personal interest, he attended the course, the forbidden Shaolin Temple in Peking, China. With his initiative, he

organized an association and become a full time instructor. Within a span of 2 years, he was in a position of selecting

Indian Team. Under his leadership, Indian Wushu players were sent to Baltimore, Merryland, USA and Manila, Phillipines in

which four Mizo Wushu players represented the country.

In the 12th Chinese American International Wushu and Athletic Meet at San Francisco, USA in August 1996, three Mizo Wushu

players, namely Mr. Lalduhkima (45kgs) Mr. Vanlalhruaikima (54kgs) and Remsangzuala (60kgs) won Gold Medal in their

respective weight categories.

4.    Hockey: The Mizo’s were born Hockey players. During the earstwhile Assam State, a good number of Mizo players

represented the State of Assam and at times formed an invincible all Mizo Players, Assam Players, Assam Police Team. Amongst

the outstanding players were Mr. ROchhuma, Mr. Zothangvunga, Mr. Hausiama, Mr. F. Pazawna.

With the advent of Cricket and Football, the Hockey games almost lost its stands. However, in the midst of descending

activities, one Mizo Player, Miss Lalsiammawi represented India in the Indo_Sri Lalnka Tournament in January, 1993

8(eight) Hockey Player of Mizo boys had official Tour to Spain (Barcelona) and Australia (Brisbane) and played Friendly Match

with Spanish Youth during 21st – 31st July 2001.

10th Men’s Hockey World Cup at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during 24.02.2002-09.03.2002. Mr. K. Lalthlengliana, Hockey Coach was

appointed as an Assiatant Coach for Indian Hockey Team and participated in the World Cup.

Four Nations Hockey Tournament at Yongon, Myanmar from 29.4.2002-4.5.2002. The following Mizo Boys participated in the

tournament :

(i)   Mr. Lalduhawma        (ii)  Mr. MS. Dawngkima
(iii) Mr. Lalremsiama        (iv) Mr. Lalmaka

India stood in the 4th Position Mr. K. Lalthlengliana, Hockey Coach represented India as an Umpire.

5.    Football: Before the attainment of Union Territory in 1972, the popularity of Football is not as of today. With the

advent of television in the country, the football feve touches every nook and corner of the State. Mizoram State Players were

judged as one of the best in the North East.

Very recently, two Mizo boys namely, Mr. Lalremruata, Mr. Joseph Lalnunzira and Mr. Lalvulliana joined the Assam Electricity

Board, Guwahati and George Telegraph, Calcutta respectively.

The Mizo boys represented Mizoram State in the Tournament of Subroto Mukherjee Football Cup held during December 2001 in New

Delhi won Championship

6.    Table Tennis: Table Tennis game in not a game of the Mizos, however, with the introduction of this new games and

organized association has been formed and the Table Tennis player were sent to represent the State in National Level i.e.

Sub-Junior and Senior Championship and Tournament.

A good number of Table Tennis player were spotted during the recent past. Amongst them, one boy, namely David Zodinpuia was

spotted by the National Selector and he was given a Scholarship thereby admitting him in the Petroleum Sports Control Board

School in Ajmer. In this School, a Chinese Coach Mr. Yen Wai was deputed and under his intensive coaching programme, he is

now regarded as one of the best promising player of the country.

Mr. Zodinpuia represented India in the Good Will Tour to Kuwait, Abudabhi and is now Rank No. 1 of Indian Junior Table



1.    Wg. Cdr. J. Lalhmingliana, State Chief Commissioner, Mizoram State Bharat Scots & Guides, then the Director of Sports

& Youth Services, Mizoram was appointed as Vice-President in the National Bharat Scous & Guides association which was the

first time from North Eastern Region.

He has attended Asian Wushu Federation Meeting and Election of Office Bearers, Hiroshima, Japan in 1994 representing India

He is appointed as Asia Pacific Region Marketting Sub-Committee Chairman by 20th Asian Pacific Regional Conference of Scouts

& Guides.

2.    Mr. Zoliana Royte, now Director of Sports & Youth Services Department, Mizoram participated in the 13th Thailand

Jamboree held in 1991 as Deputy Leader representing India

He also participated in the 19th World Scout Jamboree held in Chile during 1998 as Bharat Scout Leader

He participated in the Asian School Football Tournament, 1985, Jakarta as Asst. Manager representing India.

3.    Mr. R. Thankima, Athletics Coach is appointed as Technical Official/Organising Committee Member in the International

Level as below:
(a)    VII Asian Track & Field Meet, 1989, New Delhi
(b)    V-International Athletic Permit Meet, 1991, New Delhi
(c)    VII International Athletic Permit Meet, 1993, New Delhi
(d)    VII International Athletic Permit Meet, 1994 Pune

4.    Mr. Lalneihsanga, now serving as Adventure Organiser in the Department if Sports & Youth Services, Mizoram is awarded

National Adventure Award during June 1999 in recognition of hi outstanding service in Adventure Sports.

5.    Mr. Robert Zohmangaiha represented India in the III World Junior Taekwondo Championship, Warsaw (Poland)

6.    The recipients of the highest and 2nd highest National Awards in the movement of Bharat Scouts & Guides are as below:

(a)    Highest National Award – Silver Elephant:
(i)    Mr. Hranthanga            -    2000
(ii)    Wg. Cdr. J. Lalhminglliana    -    2001
(iii)    Mrs. Denghmingthangi        -    2002
(iv)    Mr. Thantluanga Zadeng        -    2005
(v)    Mr. Zoliana Royte        -    2007

(b)    Second Highest National Award    – Silver Star:
(i)    Dr. R. Tintlunga Hnialum     -    2000
(ii)    Mrs. K. Lalliantluangi        -    2000
(iii)    Mr. C. Hmingthannga        -    2001
(iv)    Mrs. Chawngmawii        -    2001
(v)    Rev. Dr. C.L. Hminga, Lunglei    -    2001
(vi)    Mr. Zoliana Royte        -    2002
(vii)    Mrs. Lalrintluangi        -    2002
(viii)    Mr. C. Lianzawna (L)        -    2003
(ix)    Mrs. Chuauthangpuii(L)        -    2003


1.    SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP: For young Boys and Girls who are Sports persons winning Gold / Silver Medal should be given

Sports Scholarship provided by the Sports Authority of India, Patiala through the Department of Sports & Youth Services,

Mizoram by producing the Sports Certificates of State/National Level and International Level by sending the application in

prescribes form duly filled in along with such Sports Certificates.

2.    SSPORTS INCENTIVE CASH AWARD: This Scheme is newly introduced by the Govt. of Mizoram recently vide Govt.

Notification issued under No. B. 13019/1/88-SYS dated 02.08.2001 for encouraging the Sports lovers among the young people in

Mizoram etc., and to ensure the outstanding Sports Persons and adventures of the State are given special recognition by

giving Incentive Cash Award. This Award will act as an Incentive to other talented persons to emulate their feast/performance

in all levels of competitions and to inculcate the spirit of discipline and determination amongst the Athletes and a sense of

being looked after and a feeling of security for having excelled in his/her chosen discipline.


(1)    A persons must be a resident of Mizoram, representing any State of the Union or Sports Control Boards or the Country.

(2)    Winner of First, Second or Third position in the specified Championship as enumerated 2 of Annexure.

(3)    Officials, Manager, Coach, Masseur Doctor will also be entitled to receive 25% of the Award applicable to the Sports


(4)    Any Sports person of Mizoram representing the country in any recognized Sports discipline in any International Sports

/ Championship will be entitled to receive Rs. 10,000/- as Sports Kits Allowance.

(5)    For the purpose of awarding the Incentive Cash Award in one Sports discipline in a Championship or Tournaments.

Award of Increment:

Award of Increment to Sports persons serving under the Central or State Governments who excel at National and International

shall be considered as defined in F.R. 27 in addition to the Incentive Cash Award.

(a)    The Minister
    Sports & Youth Services            -    Chairman
(b)    The Commissioner & Secretary
    Sports & Youth Services            -    Member
(c)    Representative of Finance Department    -    Member
(d)    Representative of Law Department    -    Member
(e)    Director, Sports & Youth Services    -    Member Secretary


The eligible Sports persons for Award of Increment or Incentive Cash Awards shall apply for the Award through respective

Associations in a prescribed Proforma available in the Department within a period of six months from the date of completion

of the Championship.