Soon after Mizoram became a Union Territory in 1972, the then Education and Social Welfare Department requested Capt. Zolura of Tripura, to come over to Mizoram to help out in the Youth Welfare, Scouts & Guides Cell. In January, 1974 Mr.C.Pahlira’s house at Republic Veng was rented and thus started a formal Department.

At that time, Officer and Staff were : Special officer – Capt. Zolura, UDC – Zohmingthanga Miler, LDC – Varthanpuii & Rochhingpuii,Store Keeper – Lalbiaka & Kapliana and Peon - P.Robawiha & Khawma, Field Staff-Field Assistants-Lalruata Sailo, John Lalkaisanga.

From this establishment Mr.H.Ralliana, a good Hockey player was sent to Patiala for Diploma Coaching in Hockey during 1973-74. He was the first NIS Diploma holder in Hockey from the State. He was employed as Field Assistant immediately. Subsequently Mr. P.Vanluia and Mr. R.Buanthanga were sent for the same training in Badminton and Football respectively. Initiatives were taken for the Scouts and Guides, Mr.Biakkunga Sailo and Miss Vanhmingthangi both teachers were deputed as Organisers in 1995.

In the year 1975 - 76 Miss Lalrosangi, Mr. R. Chhawnthuama and Mr. Zoliana Royte were sent to Madras Y.M.C.A. College of Physical Education. In 1976 the Department was shifted to Chawnga Building, Khatla and more posts were created. Mr. Zoliana Royte was appointed as Youth Welfare Officer, Mr. H. Ralliana as Sr. Field Assistant. In 1977 Mr. J.Ropianga Chinzah and Mr. F. Zokima were appointed as Organisers (Sports). In 1979 the designation of Youth Welfare Officer was changed to Physical Education Officer. Captain Zolura special Officer was given the designation of Youth Welfare Officer. Mr. H. Ralliana, Sr. Field Assistant was promoted to Chief Coach . Thus this cell of Youth Welfare and Scouts & Guides was divided into three wings since 1979 as below :-

1. Physical Education Wing
2. Youth Welfare Wing
3. Sports & Coaching Wing

Physical Education Wing :The Physical Education Wing took charge of physical training and School Games within the State. It sends scholars out to others States for training in sports which resulted in lots of Activities in regards to sports. The wing initiated a National Physical Fitness Programme. The motto being ‘Fit people, Fit Nation’. This programme included several activities in Athletics. Participants were tested on certain criteria for which ‘stars’ were awarded which became a selection criteria for recruitment into Police services, Major Raldothuama Colney, BSF in 1981 was deputed as Dy. Director, Physical Education Wing. Later Capt. Zolura took charge in 1993. This Department charge was taken over by Education Department.

Youth Welfare Wing : The Youth Welfare Wing was controlled by the Youth Welfare Officer which catered to the needs of Bharat Scouts & Guides, Adventure Programme, NCC, NSS and YHAI. For these, a training centre was established at Tanhril in 1972, Since, 2003 much initiative have been taken with regards to programme of State and National Level at this centre.

Sports & Coaching Wing : Sports & Coaching Wing looks after coaching and participation in the outside State like Subroto Football, Nehru Hockey. All India School Games, National Women Sports etc.

Directorate is Born : Learning the importance of sports the U.T. Government feels that it was not proper to let sports under a small cell in the Education Department and make arrangement for a separate Department. As such Wg.Cdr. J. Lalhmingliana from the Indian Air Force was appointed as Director, Sports & Youth Services. The followings were the Officers at that time :-

1. Director - Wg.Cdr.J.Lalhmingliana
2. Dy.Director - Capt.Zolura
3. Physical Edn. Officer - Zoliana Royte
4. Chief Coach - H. Ralliana
5. Youth Welfare Officer - B.K. Sailo
6. Superintendent - Zulawma

The Department grew very fast, with the grant-in-aids received from C.S.S. it constructed a number of playgrounds and Indoor Stadia in many parts of the State.